Boss Tom’s Golden Bock

  • Style: Maibock
  • Availability: April through May, Bottles and Draught
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Boss Tom’s Golden Bock is our seasonal offering for late spring. The smooth, soft maltiness of this traditional lager is complemented by a noticeable but restrained hop presence. The beer finishes with a lingering dryness and just a hint of caramel. The word “bock” also means “billy goat,” and images of goats are often used as a symbol of the style.

Color (EBC) 12.4
Bitterness (IBUs) 22
Original Gravity (Plato) 13.9
Terminal Gravity (Plato) 2.5
Alcohol (ABV) 6.1%
CO2 - Bottles / Cans 2.7 vol. (5.2 g/L)
CO2 - Kegs 2.6 vol. (5.0 g/L)

A golden colored, medium-bodied beer with a prominent bready malt flavor and low to moderate hop bitterness.

Aroma Crisp, subtle floral hop
Malt Sweet, cracker flavor
Hops Light floral flavor, moderate dry hop bitterness
Balance Malt
Body Medium


Malt: Pale Malt, Munich, Amber, Malted Wheat
Hops: Magnum, Styrian Golding, Perle


Footed Pilsner Glass


Asian food
Emmenthaler cheese
Goat's milk cheese
Roast chicken
Spicy Mexican food


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