Seven Over 7

It's no secret that Tank 7 is one of the ultimate food-pairing beers, and chefs across the country agree. This versatile Farmhouse Ale compliments a wide variety of dishes with its balance, carbonation, and complex flavor profile, making it the perfect match for any course of your meal. Or, EVERY course of your meal (we won't judge you).

In honor of Tank 7's perfectly food-friendly character, we're sitting down with talented chefs around the United States to enjoy a Tank 7 and talk food, life and of course, beer. Seven questions each. Over a Tank 7. Seven Over 7. Makes sense, right?

Check back here often as we continue to provide updates on this adventure, and to learn more about some of the killer chefs who are making an impact around the United States and celebrating the beauty of pairing beer and food.

Want to know more about Tank 7 American Saison, and figure out how you can find it near you to experiment with your own food pairing? Check out details on the beer and hop onto our Beer Finder to locate it in your city.

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