Boulevard x Firestone Walker Barrel-Aged Wheat Wine

Posted September 27, 2022

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Boulevard x Firestone Walker Barrel-Aged Wheat Wine



Far across fields of golden grain lay two breweries. These breweries were longtime friends and dreamed of doing a beer together. Full of happenstance and mystery arose the Wheat Wine. Brewed individually and then blended, this beer combines the best of the West and the Great Plains in a strong ale that doesn’t hold back.

This beer speaks with wood and grapes.-Quinn Reeder, Lead Brewer - Barrel Program

Port Wine barrels


Two beers with the same mission, brewed and aged in a way that reflects each brewery’s program and how they differ – then combined into one. This collaboration features both brewery’s innovation skills: A wheat wine blended and fermented with white grapes from Paso Robles, and a wheat wine fermented with Kveik yeast in Kansas City.

The beers were barrel-aged in a mix of whiskey, rye, and chardonnay barrels then blended together producing a dry, light-bodied barrel-aged wheat wine. With a clean fermentation profile, the wheat, wine, whiskey, and wood all sing together.

What's a wheat wine?

A Wheat Wine is similar to a barleywine but differs with the inclusion of wheat in the malt bill. Wheat brings a smoother mouthfeel (thanks to added proteins) and just a hint of sweetness to the already boozy style. Attributed to a homebrewer’s mistake in 1988, the Wheat Wine is a hard style to get just right, but when you do, it’s magic.

Whiskey Barrel Wheat Wine is a limited barrel-aged beer that lives up to its heady name. The journey began when we created a base beer with an elevated percentage of wheat in the grist bill, then co-fermented it with a small lot of Paso Robles-grown white wine grapes. Finally, we aged the beer for a full 18 months in premium wheat whiskey barrels, the perfect vessels for harmonious maturation of this wheat-centric beer. The resulting creation showcases fine cereal grain notes along with hints of sweetness and acidity from the wine grapes, all underpinned by classic whiskey undertones.

-Eric Ponce, Barrel Manager Firestone Walker

Beer Info

ABV: 9.9%

IBU: 20

Malts – Wheat, whiskey, wood, and wine

Aroma: Woody and wine, punchy fruit driven by yeast

Balance: The base beer lets the barrel take the stage

Pair with a LAMB, ROAST DUCK, or aged Gruyeres, and have a delicious time.


Available in 4-packs of 12oz bottles and on draft, Barrel-Aged Wheat Wine will begin hitting shelves and taps in the KC area in October with other areas to follow. Once it’s out in the world, our can help you track it down.

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