Posted January 26, 2021

Category: General

We are sorry.

In the last few days, we have heard from our employees, our former employees, and our community. We have learned a lot about ourselves. We have heard accounts of personal experiences that have shaken us to our core. It has become undeniably clear that harassment did in fact occur, clear that we have issues – serious issues that we have failed to address.

To those of you that we hurt, those we let down, those we failed to protect, we are deeply sorry.

Words won’t change anything, or fix anything, only actions. So starting today, we are taking the first steps.

Based on additional, corroborated information, we parted ways with a company executive.

We are hiring an independent third party human resources firm to undertake an independent investigation of all issues that have been raised, with full access to all our people and all our records. We will share the results with our teams, and will take all recommended actions.

We are instituting new procedures to enable anonymous reporting of workplace concerns, and reexamining our policies to ensure that all issues are handled in a thorough, independent, and fair manner.

We are instituting enhanced and mandatory harassment, bias, and discrimination training throughout the organization, and committing to improving diversity and inclusion.

This is the beginning of a long but necessary journey, a journey that has begun too late. While we cannot undo the mistakes of our past, we are resolved to do better, and to be better.