Chocolate Ale – 2021

Posted January 16, 2021

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Chocolate Ale – 2021

As you go to grab a 4-pack of Chocolate Ale for yourself or someone special over the next few weeks, you may notice it looks a little different and you’d be correct.

The inception and creation of Chocolate Ale nearly ten years ago means that this special beer has seen some changes over its existence, and while the namesake and the idea that this beer is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift remains the same, we think it is important to refresh its design from time to time. 2021 seemed like the perfect year for a new look!

We chatted with designer Eric McLaughlin to talk about this refresh and find out a little more about the inspiration behind the design. Here is what he shared:

We wanted to update the artwork and make it a little more special as this beer is a limited release that leads up to Valentine’s Day, often being a beer used to celebrate the occasion. The previous design heavily played into the unwrapping of a chocolate bar, so I tried to keep that general vibe while making the design more sophisticated and fancy, especially since this is a collaboration with Christopher Elbow and they are known for delicious and beautifully crafted chocolate offerings.

The gold pattern in the background of the diamond label is a direct nod to the designs that decorate some of the gorgeous chocolates made by the Elbow team. The update to the typography is meant to reinforce the smoothness and chocolate aspects of the beer while elevating the brand and allowing this to be a special gift item.”

 Maybe it’s just us, but every time we talk to our amazing design team we appreciate the beautiful work on that bottle or can just as much as the delicious beer on the inside.

You’ll find Chocolate Ale in 12 ounce 4-pack bottles in Kansas City starting on January 18th and can find it near you by visiting


ABV: 8.7

IBU: 11

Pale malt
Cara wheat


Valhrona Cacao Nibs