Unfiltered IPA Debuts

Posted April 30, 2018

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Unfiltered IPA Debuts

Over the past few months, our brewers have been experimenting with variations on IPAs that challenge the common perception of what an IPA is. No longer featuring massive, palate wrecking bitterness, a new breed of IPA has emerged that focuses less on piling on IBUs and more on providing bright, juicy tropical fruit character gained by late hop additions and dry-hopping, processes that result in a greater extraction of hop compounds that contribute flavor and aroma as opposed to grassy/green bitterness.

In creating Unfiltered IPA, our brewers began with a soft malt base featuring our two-row pale malt and a touch of Carapils to provide a platform from which tropical fruit flavors, notes of melon and pear, citrus and passion fruit leap thanks to massive additions of El Dorado and Galaxy hops late during the boil and in dry-hopping.

Pouring a slightly hazy, honey golden color, Unfiltered IPA bursts with super bright fruity aromas that give way to pineapple, mango, stone fruit and candied hop flavors. Finishing with subtle malt sweetness, our newest IPA lingers on the palate with echoes of El Dorado and Galaxy hops.

Ekuanot - Kettle
El Dorado – Kettle & Dry-hopping
Galaxy – Kettle & Dry-hopping

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Super bright, explosive, tropical fruit
Malt – Soft, subtle
Hops – Juicy, dank, resinous
Balance – Hops!
Body – Light to medium

Alcohol by Volume – 6.4%
IBUs – 50
Color – 11 EBC

Pomegranate chicken with jasmine rice, carrot cake, Thai red curry, spicy pulled pork

Unfiltered IPA is a draft-only release that drops starting in the Greater Kansas City Area on April 30th with other regions to follow soon.

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer