2018 Release Calendar

Posted February 2, 2018

Category: Beer News

While we’ve typically shared the next year’s release calendar at the end of the previous year, we’ve made the decision to move away from that practice this year and moving forward. While we enjoy operating at the highest level of transparency possible to give our loyal fans the most and best information we can, we’ve found that in the interest of doing so, it’s possible that we’ve rushed ourselves in committing to beers and release dates while potentially sacrificing the ability to remain nimble and react to emerging trends and requests from beer drinkers.

Beginning in 2018, we’ll no longer share a full calendar of beers with forecasted release dates. Instead, we’ll tell the story of each beer as we conceive, brew, package and taste it (at several steps along the way, of course). We feel this shift in thought will allow us the time and opportunity to truly focus our attention on each beer as it comes our way from both a brewing and production standpoint as well as a sales, marketing and distribution approach. Taking the most time possible with each individual beer allows us to tighten our focus on making the absolute best beers we can while delivering optimal experiences for loyal beer drinkers.

For return limited release and seasonal beers, we’ll add a general release period to each beer’s profile on our website noting the season in which you’ll typically see the beer on shelves and draft walls.

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer