American Kolsch

Posted January 26, 2017

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American Kolsch

We’re very excited to announce that American Kolsch will soon debut as a new year-round beer! Originally released as a Tasting Room beer available exclusively in our Sample Twelve pack, American Kolsch drew reviews stating, “My friends and I are obsessed.” and “I have been waiting for Boulevard to make this beer! Awesome!” Who are we to argue with that?

While Brewmaster Steven Pauwels and his team of brewers and quality assurance folks have proven themselves to be quite deft in producing an incredibly wide variety of styles ranging from Unfiltered Wheat Beer to Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale to the double barrel-aged Rye on Rye on Rye, there comes a time when beer professionals want to sit down and enjoy an approachable, comforting beer. This is where blonde/golden ales and American Kolsch come into play. We enjoy challenging our palates as well as the palates of the good people who drink our beer, but we recognize (and share) the desire to just relax and enjoy a beer.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional German ale that originated in the city of Cologne (Köln in German), our brewers sought to create a beer that features a base composed of European pilsner malt, pale malt and a touch of malted wheat showcasing herbal, citrusy notes from Saaz and Saphir hops that would mimic the incredibly refreshing nature of the original beer.

Pouring golden in color, the aroma is of bready malt punctuated by a slightly minty hop character. With a light to medium mouthfeel, American Kolsch delivers a honey-like malt sweetness that gives way to a crisp, clean finish with a touch of lingering herbal/citrusy hop flavor.

Scheduled to be released starting in the Greater Kansas City Area on January 30th (draft) and January 31st (six-packs of cans), American Kolsch is 4.6% ABV and 18 IBU.

Kick back and relax.