Smokestack 4-Packs

Posted October 20, 2010

Category: General

A new chapter begins at Boulevard Brewing Company this week as we started shipping some of our Smokestack Series brews in a 12-ounce proprietary bottle. It has been a project we’ve been working on for some time. The process to get a glass completely unique to Boulevard took more than a year to come to fruition. Then there was making sure the beer would live happily in the new size as it does in the 750mL bottle and of course all of the artwork that goes into a new package isn’t created overnight either.

We committed ourselves to a smaller serving size offering after receiving much feedback from Boulevard loyalists who said sometimes it is a challenge to get through an entire 750mL bottle, even when sharing with friends. The 12-ounce size brews will be sold in four-packs and the beers selected to be part of the line are Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, The Sixth Glass, Double-Wide I.P.A. and Dark Truth Stout. For now, these ales will continue to be available in the 750mL size and Tank 7 has definitely found a home on draught too. While we haven’t ruled out adding other beers to the 12-ounce size, there are no current plans on expanding the line up anytime soon.

The end result is truly exciting. As we sit and listen to the clank of the bottle line, and watch the new little bottles at work, we know there will be some very happy Boulevard fans, including all of us here at the brewery. Cheers!