Smokestack Series

Taking our passion to new heights.

A labor of love, these bold, complex ales include both traditional styles and daring experiments, allowing our brewers to explore some of the more esoteric realms of their craft. They have been carefully nurtured and refined through countless test brews over many years.

Each Smokestack beer boasts a unique and distinctive personality — no wallflowers here. Some display intense hoppiness, others a remarkable yeast character, still more reveal the mysterious depth of wood aging. The singular nature of these beers is also reflected in their presentation: 750ml champagne bottles with a traditional cork and cage finish.

Some Limited Release Smokestack beers (Saison-Brett and Bourbon Barrel Quad, for example) may be cellared for months or even years, deepening and enriching their complexity. Unlike fine wines, these beers should be stored upright.

The Smokestack Series Portfolio

There are six year-round releases in The Smokestack Series: The Calling, Tell Tale Tart, Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, The Sixth Glass, Long Strange Tripel, and Dark Truth Stout. Limited Releases and Seasonal Brands also appear in select markets throughout the year. We invite you to explore each of these fine craft beers and discover the legacy behind the libation.

For questions related to the Smokestack Series, try the Beer FAQ page.