Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Distilled from Unfiltered Wheat Mash – a Brewer/Distiller Alliance collaboration.

Posted September 22, 2023

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Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Distilled from Unfiltered Wheat Mash – a Brewer/Distiller Alliance collaboration.

Almost a hundred years

before Boulevard brewed its first batch of Unfiltered Wheat, the U.S. government enacted its first consumer protection law with the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897.

The late 1800’s were a wild time for whiskey producers, and consumers alike. America’s fascination with whiskey produced in states like Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania created an opportunity for merchants of less-than-scrupulous reputations. These merchants, called Rectifiers, would adulterate unaged whiskey with coloring agents that would mimic the color and flavor of whiskey. Often, these additions were harmful to the unsuspecting consumer, and there were few regulations in place to protect those taking the time and patience to age their spirits in American white oak barrels, producing a superior product.

A handful of distillers worked with the U.S. government to set regulations that would protect the consumer’s health and add confidence that what they were purchasing, and drinking, was what the label said it was. These regulations clearly defined what Whiskey was and should be.

The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 established stringent rules safeguarding whiskey buyers from widespread tampering and enacted a strict set of standards that distillers nationwide take immense pride in.

The conditions set forth by the Bottled-in-Bond Act are as follows:

  1. The spirit must be produced in a single distillation by a single distillery
  2. Must be distilled in one six-month season, either from January to June or July to December
  3. Aged for at least 4 years
  4. Bottled at 50 ABV (100 proof)


Our friends at Foundry Distilling uphold this belief. “Historically, Bottled-in-Bond is a guarantee of quality by meeting a certain threshold of terms and conditions. Today it is viewed by distillers as more of a badge of honor and something to proudly stand behind as their best” says Brian Kuhn, distiller at Foundry Distilling.

Over four years ago we sent our friends at Foundry Distilling, the mash bill from our beloved Unfiltered Wheat, with an idea to create an exceptional American Malt Whiskey under the label of Bottled-in-Bond. For almost 30 years we’ve been brewing our wheat beer using traditional brewing methods, blended with modern innovation. We believe that Unfiltered Wheat is an exceptional beer, and our friends at Foundry feel the same.

“I think Unfiltered Wheat is a brand that has earned its reputation for being an exceptionally high-quality beer. We wanted to honor that reputation by making a whiskey that stands up to it,” says Kuhn.

Partnered with our friends at Foundry Distilling, we are proud to offer that spirit of guaranteed quality with Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Distilled from Unfiltered Wheat Mash.

Inspired by Boulevard’s craft classic, Unfiltered Wheat beer, this exclusive expression was Bottled-in-Bond at 100 proof and aged over four years in new charred American Oak. This whiskey presents wonderful notes of clove, banana bread and nougat with a soft and delicate finish.

In honor of its official release, Boulevard will host a launch party on Friday, October 6th, in the Tours & Rec Center Tasting Room.

Enjoy sample pours, mixed cocktails, and boilermaker specials featuring this stellar whiskey, hob-nob with Foundry distiller Brian Kuhn, and enter to win a Foundry Distilling Co. whiskey barrel! Your $10 ticket gains you entry into this exclusive release event and includes a sample pour of Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Distilled from Unfiltered Wheat Mash and one raffle entry. Whiskey, beer, and friends….classic! Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Distilled from Unfiltered Wheat Mash will be available throughout the Midwest region in October.