Magic Drip: Barrel-Aged Wheated Imperial Stout with Colombian Coffee

Posted September 7, 2021

Category: Beers, General

Magic Drip: Barrel-Aged Wheated Imperial Stout with Colombian Coffee


Somewhere on the fringe of alchemy exists a fantastical marriage of magic and science. For us, this union comes to life in our latest bold and delightful creation: Magic Drip: Barrel-Aged Wheated Imperial Stout with Colombian Coffee.

Magic Drip coffee processing

How did this mad creation come to be? Let’s dive in.

 Magic Drip began as a rich Wheated Imperial Stout featuring pale, dark, and crystal malts, plus Magnum hops and Colombian Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee from our friends at Messenger Coffee.

 The Wheated Imperial Stout was then aged from 8-18 months in various Bourbon Casks, each barrel bringing its own personality of vanilla, oak and char. Clocking in at 13.5% ABV, the end result was pure Magic Drip.

 When you open and pour this beer you’ll find notes of well-rounded coffee aroma and flavor that make way for vanilla, cocoa and barrel characteristics. The fusion of the sweet and boozy Imperial Stout base alongside rich coffee and boozy bourbon casks makes for a balanced beer of rich chocolate and coffee, vanilla, whiskey, and toasted oak.

Barrel room

The delight and delirium of Magic Drip is bound to put a spell on you. 

Beer Info

ABV: 13.5

IBU: 23

Malts – Pale, Dark, Crystal and Oats

Hops: Magnum

Adjuncts: Colombian Dark Roast from Messenger Coffee

Pair with an old-fashioned doughnut, raspberry cream cheese puff pastry or stilton cheese, and have a delicious time.


Available in 4-packs of 12oz bottles and on draft, Magic Drip will begin hitting shelves and taps in the KC area on September 13th with other areas to follow. Once it’s out in the world, our can help you track it down.