Sparkling Heritage Red Wine made from Missouri Norton Grapes

Posted May 27, 2021

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Sparkling Heritage Red Wine made from Missouri Norton Grapes


Meet your next Brewhouse One Limited Release - Sparkling Heritage Red Wine made from Missouri Norton Grapes. Yep, you read that right: wine.

This wine was made in collaboration with our friends and expert vintners at Terravox Winery in 2020 during the Norton grape harvest near Weston, Missouri. Our brewers wanted to stretch their legs a bit and create something a little different and what they felt would be quite delicious, chilled, and enjoyed on a Missouri summer day. 

Inspired by the traditions of pét-nat traditional wine-making we lovingly call this a faux pét-nat style Norton wine or a bubbly KC Rosé. The grapes were handpicked by our brewers and vintners from TerraVox. The grapes were then pressed at TerraVox before heading to Boulevard to ferment for a bit. Once it was done fermenting we added a dash of sugar and yeast to the bottles to help develop a nice effervescent mouthfeel. We know, we know, traditional pét-nat is bottled while still fermenting, but we aren’t nearly as talented as our vintner friends. 

Now that fermenting, aging, and bottle conditioning are complete, it’s time for our friends and neighbors to enjoy! We find this wine to have notes of ripe berries, dry tannins, rich fruit, and firm acidity - perfect to enjoy chilled during the warmer months. 

This Sparkling Heritage Red Wine is available exclusively in our Boulevard Tours & Rec Gift Shop beginning on May 27th at Noon for in-store pickup and curbside:

$25 per 750 ml in Shop | $8 per 6 oz pour in Beer Hall 

ABV: 11.6%

Learn a little about TerraVox

TerraVox comes from the Latin "terra", meaning "earth" or ground", and the Latin "vox", meaning "voice or "speech". This is our goal, to let the land speak for itself through our wine, and for our wine to be a Voice of the Land.

Our vineyard is located just north of Kansas City, Missouri in the rolling hills east of the Missouri River.

While Missouri is gaining a reputation as a wine-producing state, few people know that it is well-suited for growing grapes. Prior to Prohibition, Missouri was the second-largest wine-producing state (after Ohio). Geographically, it is ideally positioned at the convergence of the eastern woodlands, western plains, Ozark Highlands, and the Mississippi Delta. Boasting more ecological diversity than any other state, Missouri’s ecological biomes created the perfect environment for the evolution and cultivation of diverse plants and animals.

This fertility led to the establishment of TerraVox in Missouri, where we are dedicated to developing a truly North American wine culture through the cultivation of American Heritage Grapes.

 The grapes we grow at TerraVox are varieties that have been bred and cultivated from those twenty-seven American native grape species. They’re known as American Heritage Grapes, and it’s our belief that this bounty of genetic diversity holds the key to developing an entirely new American wine culture.