Barrel-Aged Great Eight – 2018

Posted September 12, 2018

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Barrel-Aged Great Eight – 2018

As we ease out of the heat of summer and head towards cooler months when bigger, bolder, boozier beers are not only welcome, but downright appropriate, we’re excited to share that two new Barrel-Aged Great Eight sample packs will be hitting shelves starting on September 17th! Composed of two bottles each of two year-round and two limited release beers, these barrel-aged beauties are perfect for sharing with friends or for having an amazing night alone.

Given that barrel-aging beer, by nature, is a fickle endeavor that’s also limited by the fact that aging space and the barrels themselves are finite, our friends in the Greater Kansas City Area will see a Barrel-Aged Great Eight composed of beers produced in smaller runs than the beers that will be distributed nationally. With that said, let’s meet 2018’s Barrel-Aged Great Eight sample packs.

Both iterations of the Barrel-Aged Great Eight will contain two bottles each of Bourbon Barrel Quad and Whiskey Barrel Stout.

Bourbon Barrel Quad

  • Abbey-style quadrupel aged in oak bourbon barrels for up to three years
  • Warm and toasty with aromas of bourbon, oak, subtle tart cherry and vanilla
  • 11.2% ABV & 26 IBUs
  • Pairs with bacon-wrapped dates, dark chocolate torte, washed rind cheeses

Whiskey Barrel Stout

  • A blend of freshly brewed beer and beer aged up to a year in both first- and second-use whiskey barrels
  • Robust flavors of vanilla, espresso, whiskey, chocolate and roasted grain
  • 11.8% ABV & 32 IBUs
  • Pairs with roasted leg of lamb, hickory-smoked bleu cheese, tiramisu


The Barrel-Aged Great Eight in the Kansas City area will include two bottles each of:

Cognac Cask Aged Dark Saison

  • Aromas of nutmeg, leather and earthy menthol meld with sweet caramel notes, dark fruit and vanilla
  • Spicy cardamom and sweet orange peel accent floral notes provided by Hallertau Blanc hops
  • 11.7% ABV & 10 IBUs
  • Pairs with oysters on the half shell, aged Gouda, baklava

Tequila Cask Aged Imperial Stout

  • Flavors of caramel, honey and anise gained during aging add complexity to a near syrupy-bodied obsidian stout
  • Subtle earth/herbal hops and notes of bittersweet chocolate, cloves and charred oak provide balance
  • 12.1% ABV & 23 IBUs
  • Pairs with chicken mole enchiladas, smoked gouda, raspberry torte


The nationally distributed Barrel-Aged Great Eight will include two bottles each of:

Brandy Barrel Belgian-Style Golden Ale

  • Aromas of vanilla, cloves and peaches imparted by Belgian yeast and American brandy barrels
  • 12.4% ABV & 20 IBUs
  • Pairs with beer battered fried fish, triple creme brie, fruit pastries

Jamaican Rum Barrel Imperial Stout

  • Aged for one year in Jamaican rum barrels
  • Notes of chocolate, coconut and vanilla with a warming finish featuring espresso, caramel and sweet rum
  • 14.6% ABV & 18 IBUs
  • Pairs with dark chocolate, sweet & spicy BBQ, jerk chicken, rum cake

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer