WWKW – August 2nd, 2018

Posted August 2, 2018

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WWKW – August 2nd, 2018

Each Wednesday, submit your burning Boulevard beer questions on Twitter, tagging @Boulevard_Beer and #WWKW. I'll sift through the questions and select my favorites to answer in a blog post that will be shared here each Thursday morning. Everything is fair game! Go!

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer

In case you missed it, back on July 26th, we announced that it's time to rotate the beers in our super popular Sample Twelve pack. The next iteration, that should be hitting shelves soon, features Unfiltered Wheat Beer and Bully! Porter alongside two brand new Tasting Room beers, American Brown Ale and DDH Citra. Beginning on Monday, August 6th, DDH Citra and American Brown Ale will be on tap in the Tasting Room and Beer Hall in the Boulevard Tours & Rec Center. As mentioned in the blog post, the beers won't be available on draft regularly in bars/restaurants, but a few kegs might sneak out for beer festivals or special events. I'm excited. Both beers are fantastic!

I mean, technically this is a question, but if you isolate "I WANT SHOW ME SOUR," no. That's not a question. While I dug Show Me Sour as well, we retired it to allow our brewers to continue to play and innovate with other/new sessionable sour/tart beers that rotate throughout the year. The current beer on shelves and draft walls is Berliner Weisse, but you still may be able to track down Tequila Barrel Lime Gose or Hibiscus Gose. I'm excited to see what our brewing and lab folks come up with for 2019. I've already tasted a couple of test batches that have me pumped for this rotational mini series next year!

This may be an argument/conversation that never really dies and never sees one side convince the other, but I've found the Brewers Association Facts About Growlers sheet to be super handy. They conducted a ton of testing with different types of growlers in varying settings over time to create these "guidelines." Given my own personal experience with growlers, I tend to agree that they're best when consumed within 24-72 hours of filling. The thing I want to remind folks is that when you buy a growler, you're purchasing draft beer to go. You're not buying packaged beer that came from a state of the art bottling line that's capable of controlling/reducing dissolved oxygen levels to prevent oxidation. It's worth noting that CO2 will sometimes leak for growlers so carbonation can be an issue if you hold onto a growler for too long.

Having said all that, we do sell crowlers in our Beer Hall. It's not something we rushed into, though. Our brewing and lab teams and Beer Hall crew spent a TON of time filling, tasting and testing crowlers of our beer before we went live. While we do perform a CO2 purge before filling and apply a lid to the crowler while it's foaming, the maximum shelf life we give our crowlers is seven days, but we strongly encourage folks to consume their draft beer to go within 48 hours. Head to our Beer Hall page to see which beers are currently available in crowlers and read more of our thoughts on crowlers here.

It's time! Bob's '47 Oktoberfest will drop on draft and in six-packs of 12oz bottles starting in the Greater Kansas City Area on Monday, August 6th. Areas that typically see other Boulevard seasonal beers like Irish Ale, Zon Belgian-Style Witbier or Nutcracker Ale should expect to see Bob's '47 in the coming weeks. Head to my Brewer's Blog post discussing Bob's '47 to learn more.

Want to discuss any of the above in more detail or have follow up questions or comments? Hit me up on Twitter: @Jeremy_Danner