Whiskey Barrel Stout Debuts

Posted August 30, 2017

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Whiskey Barrel Stout Debuts

As the size of our barrel collection grows and the team responsible for shepherding our barrels through aging beefs up, it’s become possible to not only increase the variety of barrel-aged beers we produce, but to explore the possibility of producing barrel-aged beers as year-round offerings. The first barrel-aged beer to make the leap was Bourbon Barrel Quad in late 2016. Today, we’re very excited to announce that Whiskey Barrel Stout will join the year-round Smokestack Series lineup beginning in mid-September!

Loosely based on a previous Smokestack Series Limited Release, Whiskey Barrel Stout's malt base is composed of two-row pale malt, Amber 50, Cara 120, Cara 300, Mout Roost 900, Patagonia Black Pearl, chocolate rye, crystal rye, malted wheat, flaked oats and chocolate malt. Additional fermentables include dextrose, dark brown sugar and dark malt extract. To balance this chewy, complex malt presence, Whiskey Barrel Stout is hopped with Magnum and Columbus hops to provide just enough bitterness to prevent the beer from presenting as cloyingly sweet. Following fermentation with our house Scottish yeast strain that contributes notes of dates and plum, Whiskey Barrel Stout is transferred to freshly emptied whiskey barrels from a variety of our favorite distillers. As the maturation process occurs, our barrel crew selects the best barrels from different vintages to be blended together with roughly one-third fresh beer to create a delicate interplay between fresh and barrel-aged beer. This blend back allows us to create a balanced beer that showcases the very best barrel flavors coaxed into Whiskey Barrel Stout while tempering the whiskey character to create a beer that is only slightly boozy and ready to drink upon release.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Rich malts, chocolate/espresso, whiskey, vanilla, oak
Malt – Roasted/chocolate, caramel
Hops – Supporting bitterness, slight spicy/herbal aroma and flavor
Balance – Malt/Whiskey barrel
Body - Full

Alcohol by Volume – 11.8%
Bitterness – 32 IBUs
Color – 282 EBC

Food Pairings
Smoked cheese, flourless chocolate cake, roasted leg of lamb, a quiet night

Whiskey Barrel Stout will launch beginning in the Greater Kansas City Area with a limited draft offering on September 11th followed by four-packs of 12-ounce bottles on September 12th. Other regions that see Bourbon Barrel Quad will follow soon!

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer