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Producing great barrel-aged beers is tough work, but work worth doing. Every step of the process is performed by hand by a dedicated crew of brewers focusing solely on ensuring the quality and consistency of our barrel-aged beers. We’ll spend anywhere from five months to five years creating a single batch of one of our many barrel-aged beers. We think you’ll agree that great things are worth waiting for.

Here at Boulevard Brewing Co. we have 5000 individual oak barrels ranging in origin from domestic and European wineries, American bourbon and whiskey distilleries, tequila distilleries, gin producers, and port, brandy, and cognac casks.


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Bourbon Barrel Quad

Our very first entry into the world of barrel-aging beer. Loosely based on our year-round Belgian Quadruple Ale, The Sixth Glass. Bourbon barrels are carefully selected to match the strong Belgian characteristics of the base beer while showcasing the barrel profile between the oak, bourbon, and vanilla.

After aging, a cherry puree is blended into the beer to add another layer of complexity, resonating with the fruity character driven by the Belgian yeast introduced by the base beer.

Bourbon Barrel Quad, or BBQ, is 12.2% ABV

Rate Beer rating: 98 overall | 94 style

Beer Advocate score: 94 outstanding

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Bourbon Barrel Quad

Whiskey Barrel Stout

First released in 2009 in time for St. Patrick's day as “Imperial Stout”. Taking cues from the barrel aging of Sixth Glass, the base beer is a tweaked and amped-up version of our year-round Belgian-style imperial stout, The Dark Truth.

Starting with a great base beer and aged for 6 to 8 months, the finished product has fresh beer blended in for added body and to temper the abundant oak and whiskey flavors.  The result is a well-rounded, full-bodied sweet stout with elements of wood and whiskey.

We blend in around one-third of fresh beer, to round out this amazing award-winning beer.

Whiskey Barrel Stout is 11.8% ABV

Rate Beer rating: 99 overall | 94 style

Beer Advocate scores:  92 outstanding

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Whiskey Barrel Stout

Rye On Rye

A tribute to Rye beer and Rye whiskey barrels. Began as a collaboration between Boulevard and Templeton after purchasing 20 barrels from the distillery. When deciding what to fill the rye barrels with, to match the fascinating intensity of the barrels, a decision was made to put rye… in rye. And Rye on Rye was born.

Two kinds of malted rye provide spicy sweetness, giving way to notes of vanilla, charred oak, and the citrusy tang of the hops before easing into a dry, lingering finish.

This beer is 100% Barrel-Aged

Rye on Rye  12.2% ABV

Rate Beer rating: 98 overall | 99 style

Beer Advocate scores:  94 outstanding

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Rye On Rye

More S'more

This fall, as the leaves change color, the temp drops and cool autumn evenings draw us around our Solo Stoves and chimineas, More S’more will be the perfect companion. Combining two campfire treats, big barrel-aged beers, and the gooey goodness of a well-made S’more.

Starting with a massive Imperial Sweet Stout base beer chock full of barley, rye, wheat, and oats, More S’More was aged in two barrels from distinctly different distilleries. The heavy char from the bourbon barrels helped to mellow out the imperial stout and allows for the additional flavors of the graham cracker and burnt sugar to shine through in this incredibly rich and complex adjunct heavy barrel-aged beer.

Release Date: Fall 2022

ABV: 11.8%

IBU: 32

More S'more

Maple Mood

November is the kickoff season for holiday gatherings. An abundance of rich food, friends, and family surround you, engendering a feeling of contentment and coziness - otherwise known as Maple Mood.

Maple Mood is a blend of two imperial stouts, aged in bourbon, and wheat whiskey barrels. After blending the barrels we added maple syrup to the angel's share, letting the beer take on a secondary fermentation. The end result is a thick and boozy stout with pure maple syrup taking the spotlight.

Release Date: Fall 2022

ABV: 12.5 %

Maple Mood

Churro Grande

It's time to take a leap into one of life's greatest indulgences. Based on the world-famous crispy, chewy treat known as Churro, this Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Brown Ale serves up that familiar decadence featuring notes of fried dough tossed in sugar and cinnamon against a backdrop of mellow sweetness.

Release Date: February 2023

ABV: 12%

Churro Grande

Proper Pour - 2023

Hailing from our world-renowned barrel-aging program, Proper Pour is our distinctly wine-barrel-finished barrel-aged series. Proper Pour No. 2 starts with a backbone of bourbon-barrel-aged imperial stout, aged for an excess of 6 months. The base beer was finished in fresh Cabernet barrels, imparting the French oak wine barrel nuances of vanilla, blackcurrant, and tobacco.

Release Date: March 2023

ABV: 12.6%

18yr Elijah Craig Bourbon
Cabernet Wine Barrels from Paso Robles

Proper Pour - 2023