Fridge Sweepstakes

What's better than a refrigerator full of Unfiltered Wheat Beer? TWO REFRIGERATORS FULL OF UNFILTERED WHEAT BEER, OBVIOUSLY.

We're here to help your double fridge dreams become double fridge reality. Use the widget below to earn multiple entries for your chance to win a brand-spanking-new refrigerator! Now all you have to do is figure out where to put it. Basement? Office? Right next to your bed so it's super easy to grab a final nightcap Wheat before bed? Oh, and if you get thirsty while you eagerly await news of your potential win, head over to our BLVD Finder to track down Unfiltered Wheat beer near you.

Contest ends 8/31/2021. 21+ only. View all the fine print and official rules below!


Boulevard Brewing Company Fridge Sweepstakes