Brewhouse One Series Release – Belgian-style Holiday Ale

Posted November 30, 2021

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Brewhouse One Series Release – Belgian-style Holiday Ale

It would seem that children in Belgium have it made. They receive gifts from family and friends on December 25th, but nearly three weeks earlier in the month they get a visit from Sinterklaas, and his majestic white horse which goes by the name of ‘Slecht weer vandaag’ (Bad weather today).

On the morning of December 6, “good” kids wake to find their shoes, left out the night before, filled with enough chocolate and toys to last them til Christmas day.

However, the real winner in this situation is Sinterklaas himself. While the children are putting out their shoes for him to fill with gifts, they also leave a beer for the jolly bearded gift giver. It’s a lot of work visiting so many houses, and a beer is well appreciated.

Should Sinterklaas decide to cross the ocean this year and visit us here at Boulevard, he’ll find this limited edition Belgian-style Holiday Ale waiting for him.

Inspired by classic traditional holiday ales of Belgium, our Holiday Ale is big and complex, with a hefty malt bill and the addition of brown sugar. Not content to let the hops alone bear the burden of balancing the sweetness derived from the malt and added sugar, our brewers employed the use of coconut water. The coconut water is added in the mash and adds a rich, umami character that counters the intense sweetness, while still allowing the myriad of delicate nuances to be present on the palate.

During fermentation, dosed with our house Belgian yeast strain, the brewers added more than 120 pounds of Turkish figs and jumbo Johnson seedless raisins to the fermenter. The fruit complements the rich flavors already found in the beer and provides the senses with extra layers of complexity. The combination of Belgian yeast esters, complex malt bill, fruit, and spice creates a harmony of layered aromas.


Brewhouse One Series Release – Belgian-style Holiday Ale will release EXCLUSIVELY in our Tours & Rec Center Gift Shop on November 30th, 2021 at noon for $30 a 4-pack, with $2 benefitting  Kansas City G.I.F.T


12% ABV / 25 IBU


Pale Malt
Barke Pils
Barke Vienna
Dingemans Cara 120
Dingemans Cara 300
Malted Oats


Brown Sugar
Tangerine peel
Star Anise
Coconut Water