The Path Forward

Posted March 10, 2021

Category: General

Earlier today FineLine HR Consulting shared their non-confidential insights with company employees. Brewery leaders also shared their immediate next steps as the company commits to ensuring a safe, healthy, and fulfilling work environment for all.


FineLine shared three broad findings as a result of almost 70 confidential conversations they held over the past month with current and former employees. FineLine concluded:

  1. Harassment and bad behaviors did occur. Employees weren’t always treated professionally and courteously.
  2. Hiring policies and practices need to be more formalized to ensure the company properly considers all qualified candidates for open positions.
  3. The company needs to do a better job bringing the two sister breweries, Boulevard Brewing Co., and Brewery Ommegang, together to work more collaboratively.

FineLine also shared they received positive feedback in many of their conversations, which provided a balanced perspective of the company’s past and present work environment. What stood out is there are many good and dedicated people who work for a company they are very proud of.


Brewery leadership reiterated to employees that the company has taken this situation seriously and that further action will take place quickly in response to the insights we’ve gained. This includes:

  1. Bringing the breweries together. A new leadership structure will be finalized soon which will provide the opportunity for breweries to better collaborate on projects and share experiences more regularly.
  2. Hiring a new HR Director. With that role currently vacant, leadership is working with an outside HR consultant who has honed-in on a handful of outstanding candidates.
  3. Training will begin establishing clear definitions of what is and is not proper conduct.
  4. New standards will be implemented for proper business conduct in order to re-establish our company culture.
  5. Finally, additional personnel changes were made this week as the company parted ways with three employees. Out of consideration for current and former employees, leadership has asked their colleagues to respect one another’s privacy both inside and outside of the brewery.


This is just the beginning. More is ahead to nurture culture, and all employees have been asked to take part in what that looks like and to help drive what the company can do more of, and what it can do better.


We will continue to update the Commitment to Change web page as we move forward with our next steps.