Deep Flux Pale Barleywine

Posted November 4, 2020

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Deep Flux Pale Barleywine

DEEP (adj) extending far down from the top or surface.

FLUX (n) describes something that constantly changes

A while back, we took our friends at 3 Floyds on a long strange trip down a deep, dark hallway past thousands of our bourbon, rum, tequila, and red wine barrels. We stopped to rest next to a collection of rye whiskey and Madeira wine casks, and after a few beers, we agreed that, yes, these were the chosen ones. A couple more beers and we heard them tell us they wanted to be filled with barleywine – and when barrels speak, we listen.

Deep Flux is a unique, pale barleywine that pours a rich auburn color with aromas of brown sugar, oak, and dark stone fruit. This malty brew is beautifully complimentary of its barrel aging, which spent 100% of its process in wood barrels and broke down into 60% in rye whiskey barrels and 40% in Madeira wine casks. The end result for Deep Flux is a big and boisterous barleywine with resplendent flavors of rye, Madeira, and oak lurking in the barrels.

We think you’ll agree that this beer is far from ordinary. 

Available in the Greater KC area starting Nov. 9th with other areas to follow. Find it near you by clicking here. 


ABV: 14.3

IBU: 20                                  



Pale Malt

Pilsner Malt 

Vienna Malt 

Flaked Oats

Malted Rye  






Food Pairings 

Stilton grilled cheese, Crema Catalana, bold cigars