Introducing Our New Intergalactic Space Campers

Posted April 3, 2020

Category: Beers

Introducing Our New Intergalactic Space Campers


A long, long time ago (well, a couple years at least) our brewers traveled to the far reaches of the known IPA galaxy and brought home the bold and adventurous Space Camper. Now, our brewers have gone on another deep-space adventure through the outer reaches of the mind- and palate-bending universe of IPAs and discovered two new comrades to round out Space Camper’s intergalactic crew. The trio has returned to Earth and they’re requesting permission to board your ship (or your beer fridge).               

Veteran Space Camper leads this crew. She’s a deliciously refreshing IPA, low in bitterness and bursting with tropical hop aroma and flavor. It’s easy to see how this beer has become one of our most popular, with big additions of El Dorado, Eukanot and Galaxy hops offering tasting notes of peach and watermelon.

Next up is Lotus Aura, a sessionable IPA hovering around 4.9% ABV, showcasing Lotus hops known for their delicate floral nature and soft fruity undertones. Look for notes of citrus and guava with an herbal finish when this beer orbits your palate.

Rounding out the squad is Star Haze, an IPA featuring suspended particles of cosmic flavors unlike any IPA on Earth. The malt bill utilizes oats to give it a soft mouth feel and uses a combo of Strata, Mosaic and Citra for otherworldly hop aromas. Lurking in the depths of the glass you’ll find fruity aromas of mango and pineapple.

These brand-new intergalactic entities are available for a limited time in our Space Camper Cosmic Mix Pack 12-pack, which includes 6 cans of Space Campers, 3  cans of Lotus Aura, and 3 cans of Star Haze. The Cosmic Mix Pack will begin hitting shelves in the Greater Kansas City area on April 6, with other regions around the country to follow throughout April.

Save the Earth! It’s the only planet with beer!


Space Camper


50 IBU

10 EBC


Lotus Aura

4.9% ABV

30 IBU

10 EBC


Star Haze

5.9% ABV

40 IBU

10 EBC