First Fridays Collection: Big Blueberry Ox with The Bruery Terreux

Posted February 20, 2020

Category: Beers

First Fridays Collection: Big Blueberry Ox with The Bruery Terreux

A beer so epic, we had to team up with our friends at The Bruery to wrangle it. Fermented with both Belgian and wild yeasts, this mythic saison is made even more unruly by the addition of 8,000 pounds of whole blueberries. Pouring a rich shade of indigo, this bright, earthy beer is no tall tale. Look for it to start hitting shelves in the Greater Kansas City area on Monday, March 2nd, with other regions to follow.

The story starts back in summer of 2018, when Jeremy Grinkey of Bruery Terreux visited Boulevard to help create a base saison fermented 3 separate ways:

  • Boulevard bacteria and wild yeast
  • Bruery Terreux bacteria and wild yeast
  • Wild yeast only

The three variations were then combined in our oak foeder for over 15 months before we added a legendary amount of blueberries for its final rest. The end product possesses huge, rich aromas of blueberries and brett funk that swirl in the glass. With low overall acidity plus flavor and aroma centered around brettanomyces and fruit, this wild saison yearns to be paired with desserts – or to take the place of dessert.



Aroma: Intense, juicy, earthy

Malt: soft, subtle sweetness

Balance: Dry, slightly puckering

Body: light to medium


ABV: 8.5%

IBU: 7

Pairing ideas: ginger dishes, camembert cheese drizzled with toasted almonds and honey, tangy goat cheese cheesecake, lemon streusel, lavender shortbread cookies