Boulevard in 2020

Posted February 11, 2020

Category: Beers

Boulevard in 2020

We’re more than a month into a new year (and a new decade!) and have already started things off with a bang by introducing two new additions to our Smokestack Series lineup. By now, you’ve surely seen that 16oz cans of Tank 7 cans are hitting shelves. While not a new beer per se, we’re very excited to add this new packaging format for Tank 7, giving our American Saison perfect portability. Don’t worry glass fanatics, bottles aren’t going anywhere!

And because one new 16oz can package certainly isn’t enough, we also introduced Phantom Haze Double IPA. This brand-new beer combines 10 different hops with an oat and wheat malt bill to give it a juicy, hop-forward taste with a pillowy mouthfeel. Available in 4-packs and on draft, you’ll be able to find Phantom Haze year-round!

But this is just the beginning. Though we no longer share full release calendars for the upcoming year (allowing us flexibility for innovation and well, we just kind of like surprises), we thought we’d give you a little preview of the numerous creative projects our brewers have been working on.

We’re big proponents of the idea that barrel-aged beer season is all year long. With over 5,000 wine and spirits barrels in our cellar, plus dedicated foeders for our wild and sour beer program, rest assured that we’ll continue to craft inventive and bold barrel-aged beers throughout 2020. All you Rye on Rye fans can start getting excited now; this Spring, we’ll unleash a brand-new (and super tasty) Rye on Rye variant made with some special barrels that we procured from our friends at Templeton Rye.

This new spin on Rye on Rye will be joined by three other brand-new barrel-aged offerings; a former test beer that moved on up to the big leagues, a cocktail-inspired ale, and a showcase of our brewers’ love and skill for blending beer. Rounding out this group of limited release offerings will be some returning favorites from 2019. We’ll offer more details on all of these as we get closer to their respective release dates.

Oh. And yes. Saison Brett is coming back. There, we said it, it’s official.

Hustle Up on Canning Line

For the past two years, ¡Vamos! Mexican-Style Lager stepped up to the plate to celebrate our partnership with the Kansas City Royals and provide the perfect easy-drinking accompaniment to a baseball game. ¡Vamos! is hitting the bench in 2020 and a new, refreshing seasonal offering will join our roster in time for Opening Day. Keep an eye out for details soon! LET’S GO ROYALS (CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP)

Speaking of refreshing, here’s hoping #TeamRadler is still reading. In 2019, Ginger Lemon Radler and Tart Apple Radler held down the fort again, but we felt like it was time to introduce a new member of the Radler family. While both of those will be back in Spring and Fall, respectively, Summer 2020 will see Cherry Lime Radler land on shelves and tap handles, providing the perfect combination of tart and sweet to cool you off in the sweltering heat.

Variety is definitely the spice of life. We’ll be bringing back staple mixed packs like the Flash Pack and Sample Twelve in 2020, but also adding a couple brand new variety packs in the Spring. One will please all the hopheads out there, while the other focuses on flavorful, fruited variants of one of our year-round classics. If you’ve been in the Beer Hall over the past few months and sipped on some of our test beers, you’ve probably tried some of the beers that will appear in these packs!

While we’re thrilled to introduce all of these delicious creations in 2020, innovation is more than just cranking out new beers. The more difficult piece of the process is evaluating the state of our current offerings and making tough decisions. To make way for a few new friends in the line-up, we’ll be saying good-bye to three of our favorites: 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer, Bully! Porter, and Tropical Pale Ale.

The beer world is constantly evolving, and we do our best to evolve along with it and provide Boulevard drinkers, both long-time and new, a diverse lineup that suits every taste and every occasion. Thanks for being along for the ride, and we can’t wait to raise many glasses (and cans) with you in 2020!