Introducing Berry Noir

Posted October 29, 2019

Category: Beers

Introducing Berry Noir

Pouring a deep purple with electric magenta foam, this brand-new, juicy ale features notes of blueberries and blackberries with a crisp tartness reminiscent of lemonade. A light, spritzy body amplifies the refreshing qualities of this fruited sour and begs for another sip. Available seasonally, Berry Noir releases on draft and in six-packs in the Greater Kansas City area starting Monday, November 4, with other regions throughout our distribution network to follow.

Sensory coordinator Abby Zender shares more about Berry Noir:

What is the story behind this beer?

We have a few lighter, spritzy sours in our summer line, the goal for this beer was to create a sour ale that was rich in flavor for a winter release. Dark, sweet berries are enjoyed in the colder months so we thought a dark berry sour ale would be perfect for this time of year.


Is there real fruit added to this beer?

Yes, we use blueberry juice concentrate and blackberry juice concentrate.


What is the base beer for Berry Noir?

Berry Noir’s base is our house Berliner Weisse, just like Chill Vibes.


How sour is it?

The pH is about 3.30 (for reference, lemon juice has a pH around 3), so it is puckering but not as sour as the sour ales coming from our barrel-aging program.


What are the primary sensory notes?

Our sensory panel shared words like light body, slightly sweet, definite sourness, fruity aroma and a dry finish.


Flavor Profile

Aroma – Juicy berries, lemon/citrus, refreshing lactic acidity

Malt – Minimal, subtle sweetness

Hops – N/A

Balance – Acidity / berries

Body – Light



ABV – 4.2%

IBUs – 11

Color – 10



Creamy cheeses, mixed greens & citrus salad, strawberry shortcake, balsamic-glazed pork chops, cheesecake with fresh berries