Steep Drop Nitro Coffee Milk Stout

Posted September 6, 2019

Category: Beers

Steep Drop Nitro Coffee Milk Stout


UPDATE: We're excited to announce that Steep Drop will now be available year-round in six-packs of 12oz cans and on draft!

Meet our new favorite midday pick-me-up, Steep Drop Nitro Cold Brew Milk Stout! Crafted to showcase local custom-roasted beans, this smooth, creamy nitro milk stout blooms with notes of honey, molasses and cocoa powder. Six-packs of 12oz cans and kegs will start hitting shelves and tap handles in September throughout our national distribution footprint.

Brewmaster Steven Pauwels shares more about our newest seasonal offering.

How would you describe the taste of this beer?

We’ve heard people in the Beer Hall say Steep Drop is the perfect balance of beer and coffee. It’s a milk stout, so you’re going to get a lot of body with a silky mouthfeel and the nitro balance only emphasizes the characteristics of a well-rounded stout. We also use oats in the brewing process to give it that extra creamy consistency.


Are you looking forward to adding Steep Drop to our portfolio?

I am excited to see this beer get a national packaged release. We made Dry Stout on nitro for the longest time, but were only ever able to keg it for local distribution. With our new can line, I am excited to say we can finally put a nitro beer in a can.


Where do you get the coffee beans?

We sourced the coffee beans from a local shop called Second Best. We worked with them through three or four versions before we found the right beans for this recipe. It’s about 50% Brazil City Roast, 30% Costa Rican and 20% Ethiopian.


At what point in the process are they added to the beer?

Second Best does the roasting the day before we put it in the beer, which gives it that fresh coffee smell. Similar to a cold brew process, we add coarse ground beans to the beer, which take about 16 to 24 hours to go through the tank before we purge them out.

How much caffeine is in Steep Drop?

Not much. The average cup of coffee has 95mg in an 8oz cup. Steep Drop has 7.4mg in a 12 oz can. So about 1/12 of a cup of coffee.


How does using nitrogen in the carbonation process affect the beer?

The beer is low-carbonation, so we add nitrogen for body and texture. You have to have the right ratio to achieve the cascading effect and smooth mouthfeel.


How do you properly serve a nitro beer?

In a can, you turn upside down 3-5 times to activate the nitrogen. There will be some foam that comes out when you open it, so don’t be afraid. After the can is open, pour straight down at 180 degrees in the middle of your glass to get the cascading effect. Same for draft – pour straight down into the glass to achieve that cascading effect.


Any other notes about the brewing process?

To really bring out the coffee smell, we add a malt called English Coffee. We also use a lacto sugar in the recipe for a nice mouthfeel, so if you’re lactose intolerant, you should not drink this beer.


Flavor Profile

Aroma – Chocolate/roasted malt, fruity, earthy coffee

Malt – Caramel, toffee and chocolate notes with a round, creamy finish

Hops – Minimal, supporting

Balance – Rich coffee, malt

Body – Medium

Food Pairings – Brunch, donut holes, espresso-dusted ribs, strong/aged cheeses, salted caramel ice cream, chocolate chip scones, stout-braised pork


5.2% ABV | 23 IBUs | 130 EBC