Smooth Fuzz

Posted April 25, 2019

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Smooth Fuzz

Smooth Fuzz is a mélange of Belgian-style ales fermented and aged in oak barrels and foeders for up to 36 months. Tart and Funky, this complex beer rested on whole apricots prior to bottling to infuse juicy stone fruit flavors which mingle with the mixed fermentation character provided by our house lactobacillus and brettanomyces cultures.

Fermentable Ingredients
Pale malt, flaked oats, spelt, malted wheat, raw wheat



Oak barrels with lactobacillus and brettanomyces with final aging on apricots

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Juicy apricot, lemony acidity, subtle earthy funk, oak
Malt – Airy, slight honey sweetness
Hops – N/A
Balance – Fruit/Acidity
Body – Light to medium

Alcohol by Volume – 7.2%
IBUs – 8
Color – 22 EBC

Strong cheeses, apricot trifle, charcuterie, shrimp & grits, roasted poultry

Smooth Fuzz will be available in 750ml bottles and on draft and will debut starting in the Greater Kansas City Area on Monday, May 6th with other regions to follow in the coming weeks.  Expect to find Smooth Fuzz in locations that typically see Smokestack Series Limited Release and seasonal beers like Plaid Habit, Chocolate Ale and Love Child blends. Please note that we do not have access to our distributors’ delivery schedules and will be unable to confirm when Smooth Fuzz is available near you.

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer