¡Vamos! Mexican-Style Lager

Posted June 4, 2018

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¡Vamos! Mexican-Style Lager

Update on June 4th, 2018:

You did it, Kansas City! You drank all of the ¡Vamos! Mexican-Style Lager more quickly than anticipated so we're excited to share that a second run of six-packs will be hitting shelves in the Greater Kansas City Area this week! Please note that we do not have access to our distributors' delivery schedules so we'll be unable to confirm when ¡Vamos! will be available near you. Your best bet is to reach out to your favorite beer spots to ask if they know if/when they'll receive ¡Vamos!.

Let's go Royals!

¡Vamos!, brewed to celebrate our partnership with the Kansas City Royals, will soon be available throughout the Royals regional viewing territory!

A crisp, refreshing Mexican-style lager, ¡Vamos! opens with aromas of honey and toasted malt with slightly grassy, floral/citrus notes provided by German Hallertau Blanc hops. Crisp and subtly sweet, with just enough hop bitterness for balance, ¡Vamos! pairs perfectly with a beautiful day at the ballpark.

European Pilsner
Vienna Malt
Flaked Maize

Hallertau Blanc

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Slightly sweet malt, corn
Malt – Honey-like sweetness, bread crust
Hops – Minimal, supporting balance, slight floral/citrus
Balance – Malt
Body – Crisp

Alcohol by Volume – 5.2%
IBUs – 20
Color – 12 EBC

Baseball helmet nachos, street tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks

¡Vamos! debuts in the Greater Kansas City Area on March 5th and will be on draft walls and store shelves throughout the Kansas City Royals home viewing network (the Greater Kansas City Area, western/central Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas and Oklahoma) in the coming weeks. Additionally, ¡Vamos! will be available on draft in Kauffman Stadium while supplies last.

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer