Jam Band – Our Newest Year-Round Beer

Posted January 24, 2018

Category: Beer News

Jam Band – Our Newest Year-Round Beer

Jam Band, our newest year-round beer, debuts starting in the Greater Kansas City Area on February 5th (draft) and February 6th (six-packs of cans) with other regions to follow soon! Previously a 2017 Smokestack Series limited release, Jam Band’s draft launch was met with immediate love and affection from BLVD beer drinkers.

Featuring huge fruit aroma and flavor contributed by blueberry, red raspberry and tart cherry juices blended into the beer at the end of fermentation, Jam Band is built upon a fairly simple base beer composed of two-row malted barley with a small percentage of acidulated malt that provides a subtle, crisp tartness. Minimally hopped with Topaz to provide balance, Jam Band truly is all about showcasing bright, tart, juicy fruit.

Jam Band pours deep ruby (nearly purple!) and opens with aromas of dark berries, melon and subtle citrus. Minimal, supporting malt sweetness provides a platform from which blueberry, red raspberry and tart cherry sing resulting in a slightly tart, easy-drinking fruit beer that begs for an encore.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Bright, juicy berries, melon, subtle citrus
Malt – Minimal supporting malt sweetness
Hops – N/A
Balance – Sweet fruit, crisp acidity
Body – Light to medium

Alcohol by Volume –5.9%
IBUs – 6
Color – 8 EBC

Food Pairings
Peanut butter cookies, crème brûlée, angel food cake, creamy cheeses, light/citrusy salads, grilled pork chops, strawberry shortcake, sherbet, crunchy grooves

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer