2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted December 5, 2017

Category: General

The holiday clock is ticking, and you still don't have all of your gifts purchased (and don't even know what to get half of the people you need to shop for). Never fear, we're here to help take that pressure off! The Boulevard shop currently has a number of new and special items that will make the perfect present for even the pickiest relative. Even better? For the next two Fridays (12/8 and 12/15), you can get free shipping on any order placed on our online store.


Beer and food go hand-in-hand, and we've got a wide selection of items to help stock someone's kitchen for the holidays, from the pantry to the fridge and beyond. If barbecue is the name of the game, check out these oak grilling chunks. These aren't your ordinary pieces of timber, though. These are made from reclaimed barrel wood that previously held Boulevard beers like Bourbon Barrel Quad, to add a unique touch to your creation. Complete the marriage of BBQ and beer by perfectly complementing your masterpiece with our new KC Pils BBQ sauce and Unfiltered Hoppy Pickles from our friends at Kansas City Canning Co.






Or if you have a brunch lover in your life, hook them up with some Pickled Bloody Mary Mix, which will pair perfectly with a freshly baked loaf of beer bread that you've dressed up with Clementine Thyme Marmalade

When it comes time to clean up (*groan*), we can at least offer a small helping hand. Grab one of our new tea towels extolling the virtues of combining food and beer, or people and beer. Though if you decided to make these the new 'nice towels' that nobody actually touches, we wouldn't blame you, they're REALLY good looking.






pages and pints

Drinking beer is one thing, but KNOWING beer is an entirely different ballgame. For the beer lovers in your life who want to take their level of beer nerdery up a notch, we've got an expertly curated selection of beer-focused books that can aid in the process. Joshua M. Bernstein's 'The Complete Beer Course' dives deep into beer history and what makes individual beer styles unique through a series of 12 tasting 'classes'.

Melissa Cole authored previous bestseller 'Let Me Tell You About Beer', and her newest release 'The Little Book of Craft Beer' again harnesses her expertise to focus specifically on beer and food pairing. Drawing on her past experiences working with chefs in restaurants and pubs, and judging at beer competitions, she breaks down the unique flavor profiles of various beer styles and how to properly match those with different dishes.

Don't let the name fool you; 'The Comic Book Story of Beer' is no joke. This informative graphic novel approaches the history and science behind beer with an artistic and witty approach. Vibrant art combined with detailed and meticulous storytelling make for an entertaining read that will have you wondering when the film adaptation is coming out.


Happy Holidays can turn into Chappy Holidays unpleasantly fast, but we've got the perfect solution. Beer-infused beeswax lip balms from local Messner Family Farm make for a tasty and useful stocking stuffer. Pick up a six-pack featuring different flavor varieties for all the people who deserve a little extra something. Maybe one for yourself, too. You'll want to keep some in your pocket or purse, trust us.

For those loved ones that extended No Shave November indefinitely, help them add some freshness to their facial hair with beard balms from local KC Beard Balms. Both made with a quality 8 oil blend, the Hops Infused and Dark Truth variations pay homage to Boulevard beers while helping to keep beards soft and moisturized.






Here at Boulevard, we treat our dogs like family and believe our furry friends deserve gifts around the holidays just like our not-as-hairy, bipedal relatives. Start by hooking them up with some locally-made treats from our friends at Beer Paws. Made with spent grain from our brewhouse, they're not only dog-approved, but also an important part of our sustainability practices.

When it's time to head out for a walk, clip on this Beer Retriever leash, made out of upcycled bicycle tire tubes. And if that walk happens to lead you to a deck or patio or somewhere else with beer waiting to be drank, good news: this leash comes equipped with a bottle opener.

If the weather outside is frightful and keeping you indoors, your very good boy or girl can find some entertainment in our Bully! Porter dog toy. It squeaks, it floats, and it's ready for games of fetch that may never actually end.



Sometimes the best plan for a gift is to go with a classic. Our special limited time holiday coozie is like a Christmas sweater for your beer, except not ugly and won't leave you itching and regretting that trip to the thrift store. In classic red and green colors, it's an easy solution for the un-shoppable person because honestly, who can't use a coozie?

For the keepsake collector, try blessing them with a wooden Nutcracker Ale bottle ornament. This slick looking decoration pays homage to our seasonal Winter Warmer, and looks good enough that it might even convince the recipient to keep their tree up just a LITTLE bit longer this year.