Posted June 16, 2017

Category: Beer News

Created in collaboration with Stockyards Brewing Company, Boulfeather, our beer interpretation of the classic Horse Feathers cocktail, will be available exclusively at Stockyards Brewing Company and the Boulevard Tours & Rec Center Beer Hall during Boulevardia weekend!

Using Noble Prize Imperial Pilsner as a base, Boulevard’s brewers and quality assurance crew met with the Stockyards team to take on the daunting (and delicious) task of tasting Horse Feathers alongside pours of Noble Prize Imperial Pilsner infused with varying concentrations of freshly juiced ginger, simple syrup and a touch of cedar for complexity.

Following extensive blending and conversation, it was decided that the final blend would receive 8 pounds of freshly shaved cedar, 7 pounds of ginger juiced by hand and simple syrup prepared by Boulevard’s lab crew.

Opening with aromas of spicy ginger and earthy, aromatic cedar, Boulfeather transitions to flavors of freshly baked bread punctuated by herbal/earthy hops notes provided by Saaz and Mandarina Bavaria. Ginger, cedar and a slight sweetness come to the fore fading softly into a crisp, dry finish.

Beer Specs:
ABV – 7.5
IBUs – 32