Royals Unfiltered Wheat Beer Labels

Posted March 2, 2017

Category: Beers

Royals Unfiltered Wheat Beer Labels

As we get closer to baseball season, we’re very excited to share the first two of three new Unfiltered Wheat Beer labels we’ve created to celebrate becoming the Official Craft Beer of the Kansas City Royals​!

Boulevard fans in the Royals viewing area (Kansas City, western/central Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas and Oklahoma) should expect to see 12-packs of Unfiltered Wheat Beer bottles with new labels right around the beginning of the season.

First shared on March 23rd:

BPKG17_uwb_12ozBottle_ROYALS_fielder_FNL 2

First shared on March 14th:


First shared on March 2nd:

BPKG17_uwb_12ozBottle_ROYALS_batter_FNL 2