Frequent Flier Session IPA

Posted February 1, 2016

Category: Beer News

It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a rebranding project that includes an update to the Boulevard logo and all of our packaging and other marketing materials.

New Look, Same Great Beer

In conjunction with this project, we’re also taking a closer look at the beers we brew to see if we have any opportunities for improvement based on feedback from beer drinkers and ideas from our fellow Boulevardians.

One such beer is Pop-Up Session IPA. First released in the summer of 2013, Pop-Up IPA filled a niche we saw forming for imminently drinkable beers with huge hop flavor and aroma, but slightly subdued bitterness and a biscuit-like malt character.

Given the opportunity to take a closer look at the names and artwork we’ve been using to identify our beers, it occurred to us that the trailer park theme we’d created with Double-Wide IPA, Single-Wide IPA and Pop-Up IPA was fun and memorable, but didn’t necessarily carry a ton of relevance to folks unfamiliar with our somewhat dry, Midwestern humor.


To that end, we’re proud to introduce Frequent Flier Session IPA. In addition to a slight reformulation, we’re also excited to share that we’re moving production of Frequent Flier cans to our sister brewery, Firestone Walker Brewing Company. With their position at the forefront of brewing hoppy beers, we can’t help but feel that Frequent Flier will be in the very best hands in the industry. Along with Frequent Flier, we’re shifting the brewing and packaging of Heavy Lifting IPA and Unfiltered Wheat Beer cans to Firestone Walker. Ginger Lemon Radler will continue to be brewed and canned by our friends at Third Street Brewhouse in Cold Spring, Minnesota. The draft versions of these beers will continue to be brewed and packaged in Kansas City, Missouri.

We hope to share more details surrounding Frequent Flier in the coming weeks as we finalize a recipe and get closer to nailing down an official release date. As of this minute, we have not confirmed when the last batch of Pop-Up IPA will be brewed.

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer