Removing the Twist From our Bottles

Posted April 26, 2012

Category: General

The next time you open a Boulevard beer you might notice the iconic brewery image has been removed from the bottle cap and replaced with a new message: “Pry-Off Cap-Use Opener.”

Why remove the twist from our bottles? It is quite simple. Pry-off caps are more effective at keeping out oxygen, one of the main enemies of maintaining excellent beer flavor. They also assist with maintaining correct carbonation levels throughout the recommended beer shelf life.

We've taken several steps remind you about the switch. In addition to the bottle cap design change, you'll initially see stickers on six, twelve and twenty-pack cartons of all Boulevard heritage brands, informing you to use a bottle opener.

Prior to this change, only Boulevard Pilsner and the brewery’s Smokestack Series 12-ounce beers were sealed with a pry-off crown. Now, the only bottles not capped with this type of top are the 750mL bottles in the Smokestack Series, which continue to be corked and caged.

We hope you enjoy this enhancement to your experience opening one of Boulevard's fresh,  flavorful beers in the near future. Cheers!

P.S. Homebrewers, you're welcome. Now you can reuse your Boulevard bottles for your own brews, but don't forget to drop them off at a Ripple Glass bin when you're done with them!