The Smokestack Tour

Cost:  $20 per person

When:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3:15 pm

How:  On the first Monday of every month at 10 am, the following month’s Smokestack Tours are opened for booking.

Spots on Smokestack Tours are available here. Reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and may be canceled (with a full refund) up to twenty-four hours in advance. Same-day tickets may occasionally be available in the brewery gift shop.

Details:  Led by bona fide beer experts, your adventure begins with an up-close-and-personal exploration of the equipment and processes behind our Smokestack Series beers, and concludes with a guided tasting session and food pairing.

Smokestack Tour Safety Notice:  Boulevard Brewing Company is a working brewery—our facilities will be in operation at the time of your tour. Before you can join The Smokestack Tour, you’ve got to take and pass this pop quiz. Ready?
1.  Will you bring and WEAR CLOSED-TOE SHOES for the duration of your visit?
2.  Can you readily CLIMB THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS without assistance?
3.  Are you at least 21 YEARS OF AGE?
4.  Are you willing to SIGN A RELEASE prior to taking your tour?

If you can answer all four questions in the affirmative, you’re good to go. If not, sorry, you won’t be able to join us at this time.