Brewery FAQ

Wonder no more.

We deliberated at length (and over a beer or two) to concoct these stunningly eloquent and reasonably accurate answers to some of your most common questions. If you have a question or comment that we haven’t addressed, we’ll be happy to try to answer it. Click here to send us an email.

Brewery FAQ

Can I find your beers overseas?

It’s no secret that American craft brewers are gaining worldwide acclaim for their quality, innovation and business ingenuity. Through our partnership with Duvel Moortgat and their well established distribution channels around the world, we’re now able to share Boulevard beers with beer lovers near and far. We’re proud to say that our beers are now available in England, France, China, the Nordic States and Belgium.

Boulevard is excited to see the growth of American craft beer overseas. Europeans certainly taught us a lot about making beer (heck, our very own Brewmaster is Belgian and one of our Engineering masterminds is German!) and it is a great opportunity to showcase the unique ales and lagers Americans have come up with as well as the spin we’ve put on some European styles.

Rest assured we haven’t finished expanding in the US. While we don’t have any current new markets on the horizon, we’re always researching cities throughout the US that could be the next addition to the Boulevard distribution region. We recommend you visit our website and social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news in both geographical expansion and new beers.

In what markets can I find Boulevard Brewing Company beers?

Our beers are currently available throughout Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Massachusetts, Florida and Colorado with partial distribution in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and New York as well as the District of Columbia.

How many people work at Boulevard?

We have about 130 full-time and a handful of part-time employees.

Are you hiring?

Check our current openings on the Job Postings page.

I can’t get Boulevard where I live; will you ship it to me?

Due to legal constraints, we cannot sell or ship beer directly to you. We’ve heard that and sell and ship our beer so you might want to check those sites.

Can I buy stock in Boulevard?

Sorry, Boulevard is a privately held partnership and is not publicly traded.

Do you take dinner reservations?

No, Boulevard is not a brewpub and we do not have a restaurant. It’s hard enough to do one thing really, really well, so we invest all of our time, energy and resources into brewing great beer. There are, however, plenty of outstanding restaurants and pubs in our region that would be happy to serve you a great meal and a cold, delicious Boulevard beer!

How can I get Boulevard to sponsor or donate to my upcoming event, charity or organization?

Please click here to visit our Sponsorships and Donations page for information.

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