Beer Bulletin: Grainstorm Black Rye IPA


Boulevard Brewing Company has unleashed Grainstorm Black Rye IPA upon the masses—both in draft and in 750ml bottles. This assertively-hopped ale—featuring a blend of three grains—highlights the distinctive zing of malted rye, along with the unmistakable aromas of Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra hops.

The recipe is the result of tireless “grainstorming” (see what we did there?) by our brewing team, a bunch who had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to brew this big beer. The original goal: create a really good Rye IPA that was also dark in color. Malted rye and barley were the obvious grain sources we needed, but it was the introduction of roasted wheat that gave us the black hue we wanted—without imparting an actual roastiness we felt would be distracting. An intense dry-hopping then leads to piney, fruity characteristics that compliment the rye’s naturally spicy flavor.

Upon drinking Grainstorm for the first time, Boulevard’s Vice President of Sales, Steve Mills, reportedly said, “I want to laugh, cry, smoke a cigarette, and run a half marathon while a Lionel Richie song plays in my head and death-metal plays on my iPhone…all at the same time.” We assumed this to mean that he really, really liked the beer.

We don’t recommend you run a half-marathon after drinking it, of course.  Though we do suggest you enjoy Grainstorm with your favorite barbeque, smoked duck (if you happen to have any lying around), or perhaps a piquant blue cheese.

Read more about the GRAINSTORMING session that led to this beer.

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